GIT repository

This is the root of's public git repositories overview
The auto-updated list below allows anybody bold enough to checkout all our git projects from mirror repositories fed by our internal non-public Gitlab installation.

 Group   Project   Repository 
 pba   pba-cbs   git:// 
 pba   pba-ci   git:// 
 pba   pba-download   git:// 
 pba   pba   git:// 
 ts-libs   clazzes-core   git:// 
 ts-libs   clazzes-ts   git:// 
 ts-libs   clazzes-vue   git:// 

We apologize for the simplicity of this list.
Gitlab's approach of creating tons of projects resp. git repositories in project groups makes the maintenance of this public mirror of our Gitlabbed OpenSource projects a lot of work as it is.